I like the flexibility of watercolor that allows me to broaden my creative bases, to deepen the beauty of the present moment recalling the memento mori, that’s why the skull is predominant as motive. Yet, I also love to paint animals to bring the soothing calm of wilderness into our hectic lives, another reminder to cherish the moment and to dive into nature when ever you can.
On the other side I create with print and watercolor techniques pieces to integrate in my other artworks as for example in my art series HelvEdition.

If you are interested to purchase an artwork, please send me a mail or call me.
You can also commission me to create a personalised artwork for you, check this link for more information.


Ink Drawings

My ink drawings are deliberately hazardous and ambiguous, just as my Folia Mystica. I created this way cards, artworks and backgrounds for my HelvEdition illustrations.



Mixing calligraphy with nib & ink brush strokes with the energy of the chaos. Chaos in the sens of being open, being in a primordial state of existence.

The artworks “Raven” and “Memento Mori ” have been created in collaboration with Guy  (charcoal drawing)