HelvEdition Ardea Cinerea | Deckle Edged Paper

Ardea Cinerea is the binomial name for the Grey Heron, a beautiful bird native to Switzerland. This heron often eats by casually standing in wait for its prey to come within striking distance. In the background you can see my beloved mountains Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau.
This mixed media art illustration is from the HelvEdition series, inspired by Swiss flora and fauna.


  • Special Edition printed on handmade laid paper (Deckle Edged Paper)
  • 100% cotton, white, acid free
  • 21 x 30cm (8.26 x 11.81 inch)
  • Unframed

For special requests, framing options or when it is urgent, do not hesitate to contact me.



CHF 55.00

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