HelvEdition Bos Taurus | Deckle Edged Paper

While hiking, my paths often cross cows, whether on the flat pastures of the Jura or on the Alpine meadows. I like cows and a HelvEdition without a cow would be like an Emmental cheese without holes.
Of course, my cow carries horns because they are not only beautiful but mean a lot more for cows. Cows use their horns to scratch themselves or mutually without hurting themselves. Each position of the horns expresses a signal with regard to their conspecifics allowing the cows to avoid direct clashes and to recognize the important hierarchy at a distance.

This mixed media art illustration is from my HelvEdition series, inspired by Swiss flora and fauna. Artworks for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and the big-hearted ones.

Details :

  • Special Edition printed on laid paper (Deckle Edged Paper)
  • 100% cotton, white, acid free
  • 21 x 30cm (8.26 x 11.81 inch)
  • Unframed

For special requests, framing options or when it is urgent, do not hesitate to contact me.


CHF 55.00

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