HelvEdition Falco Cherrug | Deckle Edged Paper

Hawks proving their flying skills in a breathtaking way and I rather would like to avoid a rapid chase hunting with them. For this picture I used a picture of a saker falcon, which is not native to Switzerland, but a close relative of our peregrine falcons.

This mixed media art illustration is from my HelvEdition series, inspired by Swiss flora and fauna. Artworks for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and the big-hearted ones.

Details :

  • Special Edition printed on handmade laid paper (Deckle Edged Paper)
  • 100% cotton, white, acid free
  • 21 x 30cm (8.26 x 11.81 inch)
  • Unframed

For special requests, framing options or when it is urgent, do not hesitate to contact me.



CHF 55.00